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Esther has spent her life defending those who lack strong voices. Whether as a former public defender or in private practice as a champion for victims of crime, Esther fights for equal rights and fair treatment of all people.

Meet Esther

Esther has always advocated for those without voice or representation, first as a public defender in Miami and Fulton County and later in private practice, assisting victims of domestic violence and Boy Scout abuse. Her passion for public service traces back to childhood when she lobbied the Florida Legislature to add seat belts in school buses. More recently, she was on the front lines in the battle to overturn Georgia’s draconian treatment of survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

After the only Jewish state legislator decided not to seek re-election, she knew it was time to seek office.

With antisemitism on the rise throughout the country, representation matters.

Esther is a mom of three, having raised her college-age kids alongside her husband Roger, in Sandy Springs. Miriam, Ben and Jacob were educated locally at The Epstein School, St. Francis in Milton and North Springs High School. Her husband of 23 years is just ending his two-year presidency at Congregation Bnai Torah. Esther is the third of four active generations of Hadassah members and associates.

On the Issues

Voting Rights

Protecting our voting rights to strengthen democracy

Easy access to the ballot box is a cornerstone of our democracy. The recent spate of attacks on our voting rights has left many Georgia residents concerned that their votes might not count in the future. 

In the General Assembly, I will thwart any attempt to suppress this most essential constitutional right. We must abolish gerrymandering, make it easier to vote early or by absentee ballot, and repeal Georgia’s discriminatory voter ID law. 

Every American has the right to vote. Let’s make Election Day a state holiday to make sure our voices are heard. 


Ensuring everyone has access to quality, affordable healthcare

Our current healthcare system is overly complicated, places an excessive burden on small business owners, and leaves thousands of Georgians uninsured or underinsured.

Georgia is the 3rd least insured state; while our life expectancies are well below the national average, our maternal mortality rate is the second highest in the nation.

I will work to:

  • Expand Medicaid coverage to cover an additional 600,000 Georgians living without healthcare coverage
  • Fight back against any attempt to interfere with a woman’s right to choose

Criminal Justice

Reforming our broken criminal justice system

A fair and impartial justice system is a mainstay of democracy. Georgia has the 8th highest incarceration rate in the country, outpacing states with similar rates of violent crime. Additionally, overly militarized police patrol neighborhoods with a majority of Black and Brown neighbors while lacking any real support from local community leaders and business owners. I want to create a freer Georgia.

As a criminal defense attorney, I know that mass incarceration is not a solution to combat crime.

  • Eliminate mandatory minimum sentencing
  • Promote restorative justice and rehabilitation programs for non-violent offenders
  • Reform the cash bail system that punishes the poor.

I will work to create a more collaborative relationship between our police and our communities that is built on transparency, consent, and community involvement instead of fear.


Leading the nation in infrastructure

On our most recent infrastructure report card, Georgia received “D” grades for our transportation, wastewater management, and dam upkeep. We have a chance to build a greener future.

I plan to do the following: 

  • Fight for MARTA expansion throughout North Fulton
  • Protect the Chattahoochee River from industrial contamination
  • Ensure dams such as Morgan Falls receive adequate maintenance


Providing our kids a world-class education

Education is the surest route to upward economic mobility. So why are our schools underfunded and our teachers overworked? Instead of addressing real-world problems, the Republican Party would rather slash school funding while orchestrating witch hunts on the boogeyman of the week.

I will work to see schools properly funded, educators properly compensated, and sufficient support personnel hired. Educators need to be allowed to focus on teaching fact-based curriculums without their classrooms being turned into political battlefields.


Keeping housing affordable for all

Georgia has an affordable housing crisis. Exacerbated by the pandemic, low-interest rates, and rising inflation, the supply of affordable housing is not meeting the supply. 

I will work with municipal governments to incentivize affordability in new developments through zoning and tax credits and support requiring developers who take advantage of state opportunity zones to provide affordable units. 

I plan to push the legislature to add gender identity and sexual orientation to our fair housing laws.


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